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This website is currently unmaintained. Please contact Gunnar Rätsch if you would like to help to keep it up-to-date.

We are pleased to announce a new website on Boosting and related ensemble learning methods, e.g. Boosting, Arcing, Bagging, the connection to mathematical programming and large margin classifiers, and model selection. The aim is to serve as a central information source by providing links to papers, upcoming events, datasets, code, etc.

On the technical side, data entry is fully automatic, papers can be uploaded to the website, there exists a search option for papers, and data can also be provided in BibTeX format which should make it easier referencing to papers available at the site.

We would like to express thanks to Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry for allowing us to host the webpage in Tokyo. Furthermore, we thank Alex Smola for providing a copy of the Kernel-Machines-Site served as a basis for creating the new Boosting site. We also thank Fraunhofer-FIRST for providing resources to maintain this site.

We have strived to create a forum for providing a balanced representation of the emerging field of Boosting and ensemble learning research. It is our hope that this forum will contribute its share to the exciting developments in this field that all of us have been and are witnessing these years.

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